How To Save Money On A Disney Vacation

card_classic_nemo_front-300x186Have you been dreaming of taking your family on the perfect Disney vacation but you’re afraid you can’t afford it?  I have some tips that will help you save money and make those dreams a reality.

1.  Travel during the off-season.

People will say that there is no off-season at Disney and that’s not entirely true.  There are certain slower times of year that are perfect for visiting.  There is usually some kind of discount for those times as well and using that will definitely save you money!

2.  Think twice about the dining plan.

While extremely convenient, the Disney dining plan is not always a cost effective option.  Think about how you and your family eat, especially when you’re on vacation.  Price out a typical food day using the menus on Disney’s website to see if you’ll even eat enough to justify the cost.  If you plan on doing at least one character meal, the dining plan can save you some cash, since those meals tend to be more expensive.

3.  Consider getting a travel incentive credit card.

There are many different kinds of credit cards that offer a cash back or similar incentives on everyday purchases.  A lot of people use the Disney Chase Visa for their Disney vacations.  One other perk with the Disney Visa is they sometimes offer promotions to cardholders first before it’s release to the general public.

4.  Pack Snacks.

Did you know you can bring your own food and drinks into the parks?  There are certain rules like no glass or coolers, but you can definitely bring your little one’s favorite crackers and juice.  Bringing in your own snacks and drinks can save you from purchasing more expensive snacks at the park later on, saving you a wad of cash.

5.  Purchase autograph books and costumes offsite.

This is kind of a no-brainer, but purchasing autograph books and pens at the parks can be more expensive.  The Disney store website often has Disney Parks products on sale and purchasing them beforehand can save you some money.  Same goes for Disney costumes your kids might want to wear to the parks.

What’s your favorite Disney vacation money saving tip?  Leave it in the comments below!

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