Hidden Gem? Animal Kingdom Kidani Kids Pool Area


The whole pool area is great and the kids play area is super cute!


On my recent visit to the World we were lucky enough to be able to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Kidani Pool Chairs...extra comfy!

Kidani Pool Chairs…extra comfy!

Animal Kingdom is a favorite for many, including myself, but I had not stayed there in a few years. On this visit we stayed in a one bedroom villa in Kidani and LOVED it. One area I have never heard about it is the pool area at Kidani called the Samwati Spring Pool and the kids pool area at Kidani. It is never mentioned in passing when talking about the pools and so I just assumed Kidani’s pool in general was a standard Disney pool (great but nothing too special). Well I was wrong. The pool area for everyone is very nice, chairs are great and it has The Maji Bar for when you get hungry or need a cold drink.

One of the great things is it was never very crowded and the theme is the African Wilderness so the decor and ambience is amazing. They do have games like Bingo and trivia and Movie Nights so make sure to check the schedule if you want to partake or avoid these times.

I was exploring the area and came upon the kids area and was fascinated by how much there was for kids to play and the music piped in and seriously hidden gem. It is a large interactive water play area intended for kids under 48″ tall. In addition there are two water slides at the Samwati Springs Pool which is great. One is a traditional larger slide intended for the big kids and then a smaller slide that is just for preschoolers.

In addition it has a zero entry access at the pool and so once again a great option for the little ones!

So, I thought I would share some pictures of the area so you can see how special it is and it may be great for your next vacation.


Splashes of water to run through are everywhere!

Splashes of water to run through are everywhere!















The jungle gym set and slide are just the right size for your little ones!







The water pulley system helped keep you cool as you played!














I can just see little brothers cooling each other off with the little water squirt cannons (just to be nice haha!)






Mom and Dad can hang out in the hot tub while all the fun is going on around them!



Do not be afraid to climb up the big rock slide!




The main pool area is a great place to unwind and take a nap! Enjoy the lush plants and order a drink or sandwich at the Maji Bar and relax.


So have you been to this pool at Kidani Village in Animal Kingdom Lodge? What were your impressions? What is your favorite pool?








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