Walt Disney World with a Reluctant Park Visitor

We all know someone, they could be a family member, a co-worker, a child or even yourself. The person who is reluctant to embrace a Disney vacation. Maybe this person has never been to Disney and thinks (wrongly) that it is for kids, or they have been and feel “over it” (the horror!), but you or your children, or friends want to go again. How do you get this reluctant Disney goer to agree to a vacation that will make everyone happy? I know just how you feel and here are my suggestions to helping every single person in your party to have a magical vacation.


*Let the reluctant Disney goer help with the planning. Some of these people will have no interest in helping with the planning stages of it, but you should at least ask. Maybe they saw a resort, attraction or restaurant that appealed to them, make sure you get it on your to-do list. Plus they could have a very different idea of what they would like to do. Possibly, they want to hang by the pool while you are thinking of being in parks rope drop to close.

*Do what interests them! If there is a lady in your life who doesn’t want to go but you know she loves the spa, book her a treatment while you take the kids or yourself off to play in the parks or at Downtown Disney. If he loves to golf book him a tee-time at one of the multiple courses. Maybe your tween is into card games, take them to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.


*Make an attraction to-do list for each person. They may overlap but if every person has 3 things they want to do in a park and you can accomplish them it will keep the peace and you might find something new to love. If your significant other loves history make sure she or he takes in Hall of Presidents. If you think rollercoasters are the best part of a park make sure to hit them all in a day.


*Take breaks! You are walking and moving all day long, maybe what everyone needs is a break in the afternoon to swim or nap or have a nice sit down meal. Lots of meltdowns from kids and adults alike can be avoided by taking a break, or even by cooling off or having a snack.

* Stop and smell the roses.  Well, maybe not literally but at Disney there is a lot to look at, to see and do so take your time.  Maybe your little one has short legs or you are all just tired after a long day and know the lines for the bus or monorail will be long, just take a seat on a bench and wait for the largest part of the crowds to go down before you leave the park.  Plus you may catch the Kiss Goodnight if you are in the Magic Kingdom.

*Don’t go overboard. Sure they just might like the vacation you’ve planned but make sure you don’t bug them asking if they like this or that. And don’t rub it in their faces when they ask when the next vacation is going to be.

Of course if they would prefer not to go at all this is an option too and you can save a bundle of money by going solo or with a smaller party and everyone is happy!

If you want to get more ideas check out our podcast on this very topic!

If you have any other tips for helping a reluctant Disney goer make the trip easier to bear let me know in the comments!

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