Restaurant Review-Liberty Tree Tavern

Last spring my family and my sister’s family ate lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom. It was a great break from the heat in a relaxing atmosphere. Located in Liberty Square, this table service restaurant is a Colonial-style inn with New England inspired food. You can make reservations at 180 days prior to arrival and they are highly recommended.

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We arrived just before our reservation and I checked in our party, when you do they ask for your home state. The only downside to the host or hostess calling out “the Fosters from Michigan” was that the place was pretty busy and the doors were open which meant that it was hard to hear who they were calling.


We were seated quickly around a large table since our party was for 8. Our waitress brought our drinks and the kids were entertained by the activity booklet menus.

I ordered the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger (topped with your choice of Bacon and Cheddar or Mushrooms and Provolone served with fresh Fruit or Tavern Fries)- $15.99, my husband ordered the Colony Salad with Grilled Chicken (featuring Ocean Spray® Craisins® BRAND with Washington Apples, Sweet Pecans, Applewood-smoked Cheddar, and Craisins® Dried Cranberries tossed with Field Greens in a Honey-Shallot Vinaigrette)- $14.99, and our daughter ordered the Macaroni & Cheese that came with a drink and dessert- $8.59

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I tried both of the entrees (my husband is so nice) and I think they are both great choices. On a hot day the salad would be light and filling without weighing you down. The burger was great as well, not a typical boring burger, this had some real flavor to it. Plus it is hard to go wrong with a cheese burger if you are in the mood plus it is really filling. The only thing that would have made the experience better is a beer to wash it down with. I didn’t try the macaroni and cheese but it is pretty standard kid fare at Disney and she didn’t complain.

For dessert we split the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake and our daughter got ice cream to go. This was a huge hit with us. I love toffee so it was a no-brainer as well as what this restaurant is known for.  I would very much order this again!


We had no issue with the service either, our waitress was prompt, efficient and friendly. We had plenty of refills on our iced tea and water as well as juice for the kids.  Our food arrived at the correct temperature and all at the same time, which the kid’s meals being delivered before the adults. As a parent, I find this extremely nice since kids don’t have the greatest patience when they are hungry.

Bottom line: we would go back! I’d love to try it for dinner and have a Thanksgiving meal without all the work of making it. Also my husband is a huge fan of Thanksgiving foods so I think this would be a win for dinner as well.

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