What does $4000 get a family of 4 at Walt Disney World?

I really enjoyed this exercise on the podcast so if you missed it you can check it out here: https://dolewhipped.com/2015/03/16/podcast-episode-43-how-far-does-your-money-go-at-disney/

My budget was pretty great, you can take a fantastic vacation for this price. I have four options that all come in under budget. All are for a family of 2 adults, 2 children under 9. One other thing to note is that these prices are rack rate, so there is no promotion or discounts applied.

In the Deluxe category we have two choices!

6 night stay at Wilderness Lodge (standard view) with 7 day Park Hopper tickets for $3,984.76.

Photo via Disney.com

Photo via Disney.com

4 night stay at Beach Club Villas in a Deluxe Studio 5 day base park tickets, Disney Dining Plan and Memory Maker for $3,980.40.

Photo via Disney.com

Photo via Disney.com

For Moderates you have what is a pretty typical Disney vacation for many families. This is the kind of trip you might take every 3-4 years and really go all out.

6 nights at Port Orleans Riverside with 7 day Park Hopper and Disney Dining Plan at $3,944.20.


I wanted to get a bit silly with the Value Resort and see how far I could take the extras while still getting a full week at the resort. I went with Pop Century as it is the most popular of the Values.

5 nights at Pop Century, Pool View, 6 day Park Hopper with Water Parks Fun and More, Deluxe Dining Plan for $3,985.44.

popcentury Of all these trips the one I would be most likely to take would be the Port Orleans Riverside stay, mostly because it is the longest but still has a great dining plan and park hoppers. The thing I learned most from this was that there really is something at Disney for every budget level and yes you can even go for a couple days and stay under $1,500.

Which of these options is most appealing to you?

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