Review of Disney’s Cinderella Movie

Cinderella_2015_official_posterRecently, I took my 8 year old daughter to see the new Cinderella movie.  This was her first live-action, non-animated film, and while she wasn’t 100% sold, I have to say that I loved it!

The locations and set designs were just gorgeous and the costuming was incredible!  Lily James was the perfect choice to play young Ella.  She has the perfect mix of sweetness and courage that makes the character come to life.  Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother is also spot-on.  If you’re also a fan of Downton Abbey, you’ll be happy to see Sophie McShera (aka Daisy) as one of the stepsisters.

Overall, I thought they did a great job of keeping true to the original story while putting a new and fun spin on it.  I can’t wait until the film is released on DVD so I can watch it again!  Remember, “Be courageous, be kind.”

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