Part 2: If I was an Imagineer for the Day at Disney…Epcot Version

Epcot ball

So, a few weeks ago I shared what changes I would make if I were an Imagineer for a day (boy I am quick with the renovations!) at Magic Kingdom. Today, I move on to Epcot. Many of you may be familiar with how and why this park was developed but to those not familiar I am going to give you a brief history. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) was planned and began it’s building near the end of Walt Disney’s life. It was to be a prototype of a planned community where people lived and worked. After Walt died most of his plans were destroyed and it became the theme park we all know and love as Epcot.

So, I am going to change three things about this park and the first is adding a country to world showcasethe World Showcase. I love something about all the countries that are already there but know there is room for more…and though I get stuck between a few options such as Brazil or Australia know that I am more than willing to visit these countries tourism boards and find out what they offer and decide who gets the new pavilion.

Second, I would change Soarin’ over California into Soarin’ over Florida or the East Coast or something other than exactly the same as California’s Disneyland’s attraction. I hear rumors that this is already in the works but who knows? Maybe they will read this post and decide to move forward!

ellensThird, I would change Ellen’s Energy Adventure…I know I love it too for a nice, long nap but even though this was a great attraction it has run its course. It is a tad bit too long for the normal attraction and attention span and it tends to get tiring in the middle. Plus with all that is going on it just is slow. It is a huge space and there is so much potential for a really cool new futuristic attraction that it seems long overdue to me.

So, what do you think? What country in the World Showcase do you want to see? Any you want to go? Tell me what you would do if you were an Imagineer for the Day at Epcot?

6 thoughts on “Part 2: If I was an Imagineer for the Day at Disney…Epcot Version

  1. Well, there may come a time where you can say, “I thought it up here first!”. Guessing you probably will not get any royalty checks though, drag!

    Love your idea about Soarin’ being different than Disneyland. Also would like to have another country in Epcot represented as well.


    • What a dream job to be an Imagineer (and get paid!) If Disney wants to use my ideas (I have lots!) and pay me I think life would be complete…but until then I will just keep talking to other fans. I definitely would love a new country but I don’t want to lose one either (but I have seen blueprints showings hey have room). If you had to lose one though which would it be? Before the new ice cream shop and bakery it would have been France for me. Now I am not too sure…

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      • My thoughts are unless a country does not want to be around, there should not be a vacancy. Of course if US relationships change, I could see that as a reason to have a country’s representation ending as well.

        To get political, I could make a choice and remove a country. The key word there is “I”. Disney is a big company as well all know. They would have to think long and hard before changing the countries keeping in mind the ramifications.


  2. Epcot badly needs a new country. I would go with Brazil. There are no other S. American countries, and it has Portuguese and African cultures, which is unique. I like the Universe of Energy. I would ditch Capt. Eo.


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