Doing Disney Solo


Back in October, I had the opportunity to head to Disney World by myself.  Alone.  Without my family.


Now, before you go thinking I’m horrible for not wanting to take my kids with me to Disney, let me just say that I LOVE taking my family on Disney vacations.  Spending time with them there is my favorite way to visit the parks, but there’s something to be said for traveling light, so to speak.


-Easier to maneuver around the parks.  The weekend I went was crowded and it was nice to not have to worry if I’d gotten separated from my group.  I WAS my group!

-Easier to get FastPass+ selections.  There’s only one of me, so I could just get what I wanted fairly easily.

-Didn’t have to concern myself with making my family happy at mealtimes.  I don’t know about your kids but mine are picky.  One likes pizza but hates burgers, one like burgers but hates pizza, one doesn’t like anything except french fries…you get the idea.  I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself.  As a mother of three, that doesn’t happen often.

-Transportation was a snap.  I could hop on a bus even when it was almost full.  Only one spot to stand in the monorail?  I’ll take it.  Let’s go!

-Single. Rider. Line.  That’s all I’m gonna say.

-Able to just enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Disney.  If I wanted to stop and sit on a bench and just take it all in, I could do that.  Normally my family would be all about go, go, go, but by myself I could just take my time and enjoy.

You get the idea.  If you’re touring the parks by yourself, you can just do you.

The cons?  Well, I missed my family.  There were times when I would do or see something and think “Man, I sure wish they were here.”    Overall, I had a blast and I would totally visit by myself again if I had the chance.  No one way is better, but I’m all about new and different Disney experiences.  If you ever get the chance to do Disney solo, I highly recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Doing Disney Solo

  1. I agree! Although I’ve never made a solo trip to WDW, I have considered it. As much as I would prefer going with my wife (and someday with my grandchildren), I’m The Mature Mouse is the fanatic in the family. The idea of going where I want, doing what I want, is very appealing.


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