Experiencing Disney Quest

Even if you’re a long time Disney vet, chances are you’ve never been to Disney Quest. Maybe you’ve never even heard of it before.  Well, my friend, you are missing out!

In case you’re not familiar, Disney Quest is a 5-story interactive theme park.  In other words, it’s a gigantic arcade!  Think arcades are a long gone relic of the 80’s? Not so at Disney Quest!

You pay one admission price and all the games are free.  You even get two free admission vouchers if you’ve purchased a Disney vacation package!  Inside you’ll find classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, BurgerTime, Centipede, and many others, but the real draw here are the interactive games.

On the second floor, you can experience Cyberspace Mountain, an interactive program where you design your own roller coaster on a computer and then enter into a simulator to ride it!  How cool is that?  You can put on a VR type mask and ride on a flying carpet through the cave of wonders in Aladdin while collecting gems.  There’s a Virtual Jungle Cruise game, and Sid’s Create-A-Toy creation game.

There are too many games to list here in this short article, but the overall gist is that Disney Quest is an attraction you should definitely make time for during your trip.  It’s located at Downtown Disney near La Nouba.  It’s perfect for a rainy day when maybe you don’t want to brave park time.

If you like games, I highly encourage you to give this hidden gem a try!

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