Our Personal Favorite Articles from 2014

We, the ladies that bring you DoleWhipped, have had so much fun this past year launching our podcast (DoleWhipped: Dishing on Disney), blog (doleWhipped.com) and Facebook page (Facebook.com/DoleWhipped). Though it has been a lot of work, it is a labor of love for us ladies that love us some Dole Whip and all things Disney. Wow! What a learning experience and what a great way to spend our days and many late nights. We have been overwhelmed by the response and that we had so many more readers and listeners than we expected. We have felt so lucky with the positive response! When we first launched, I personally thought if we had anyone other than our moms follow us, then we would have been successful in my own mind. With that being said, any and all of our milestones, be it big or small, have meant so much to all of us. From the very first achievement, which was being part of iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy” category for podcasts, to my favorite which was when Dole (yes the company!) commented, not once but twice, on our blog. One of the most fun times, was just this past week, when we received from WordPress our “Year in Review” which made us aware that we have more than just our moms following along with us. We are looking forward to 2015 and even more DoleWhipped fun with you! One last look at 2014 though and these articles below are OUR personal favorites that we each wrote this year and why…


Christy Wood Brown –

Nursing around “The World”

“This was my favorite article I wrote this year for two reasons. One as I was writing it I loved remembering that special bonding I had with my little one at my favorite place. Second, there are so many hidden gems at Disney on where to breastfeed that new mommas now know about it.” (Christy)

Dana Zificsak – 

Cruising with toddlers on Disney Cruise Line

“This is my favorite post of the year because it really helped me re-live all the fun my son had onboard the Disney Cruise Line. Our cruises are the most relaxing and magical time for my family.” (Dana)

Jamie Shea Carr – 

Top 5 Adult Beverages at Disney World1403676_10151773961164423_1938561015_o“This was my favorite article because I would do anything to be drinking a Lapu Lapu at the Polynesian right now!” (Jamie)

Jillian Cline Foster – 

When to Take a First Visit

“I enjoyed writing this article since it was a trip down memory lane. My daughter’s first visit was at 3 and I only regret we didn’t start her sooner. Plus I never thing you are too young (or too old) to have your first Disney vacation!” (Jillian)

Shannon Sagona –

There’s a Dole Whip for Everyone: Dole Whip 101

“Basically, it’s about our favorite treat plus, Dole responded!” (Shannon)

IMG_0175 (1)Tara Scott McClure – 

My Top 5 Items for my Disney Bucket List

“I loved looking back and reviewing this bucket list I have made and realizing I was able to make some headway this year – so more Disney memories to tuck away. Plus the best part is it looks like it is time to add some new items which just means more Disney.” (Tara)

I hope you will continue to read and listen to us and we would love to hear from you! What do you think about DoleWhipped?

Happy 2015

2 thoughts on “Our Personal Favorite Articles from 2014

  1. I’ve have really enjoyed reading you blog and listening to your podcast- you guys are very funny and I like all of your recommendations from your blog! Have a Happy New Year!


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