Be Our Guest Review: Lunch

While I was at Disney over Columbus Day weekend, I had the opportunity to try Be Our Guest for lunch.  To say I was impressed was an understatement!

I had gotten a Fast Pass for a lunch time beginning at 1:45.  I showed up and was ushered along to the outdoor check in desk.  They checked me in and sent me along the bridge to the restaurant.  There was a short line to the register where I paid for my meal.  I had pre-ordered my lunch but if I hadn’t, I would have ordered at the register.  The cast members there instructed me to find a table anywhere I liked.

The restaurant was fairly busy at that time so I ended up choosing a table in the library section.  There are three sections to choose from: the ballroom, the west wing, and the library.  Each of them are incredibly beautiful and detailed.  The ballroom is the largest of the three and the west wing is quite dark.  The library has beautiful art all over the room.

When I found a table, I made my way over to the drink station and got my own soft drink.  Even the drink stations are lovely with their granite counter and woodwork.

I sat down and waited for my food to arrive. This is the best part! Cast members push rolling carts loaded with food around the restaurant and are guided by a smart phone looking device that uses the Magic Band technology to let the server know where the guest is located.  If there’s a better use of current technology out there, I don’t want to know about it!

My food arrived and I dug in. I chose the carved turkey sandwich with pomme frites and the sugar free lemon raspberry cream puff.  The sandwich was really good.  There was plenty of white meat turkey on a crunchy baguette with a very tasty and light sauce.  It was a nice change from the burgers and chicken fingers you might get at a counter service restaurant.  The pomme frites were pretty much your standard Disney fries.  Good, but not the greatest.

The cream puff was amazing!  It was sugar-free but it didn’t taste it at all, and I can usually tell.

Overall, my lunch cost somewhere around $18, which is pretty standard for a Disney counter service lunch.  All in all, I was very pleased and I encourage everyone to give Be Our Guest a shot for lunch if you have the opportunity.


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