Nursing around “The World”

This might not be the most popular post ever simply because it doesn’t apply to a wide audience, but it is one that is definitely helpful if you’re taking a breastfeeding baby to Disney World. I’ve taken a nursing baby to Disney several times and I’ve found some great spots to discreetly and quietly nurse your little one, and hope this will come in handy for another momma!

First and foremost, EVERY one of the 4 main parks has a baby care center with a dedicated, private area for nursing moms. You can also purchase diapers, wipes, formula, food, and just about anything else you might need for baby here. There are changing tables, highchairs, a full kitchen with a microwave and sink, and an area with a TV and comfy places to sit. Should you find that you don’t want to stop the fun for a visit to one of the centers, however, there are PLENTY of quiet and comfy places you can nurse in the parks!

Magic Kingdom:
it’s a Small World (ride time: 10.5 minutes; ask to sit in back of boat)
Carousel of Progress (length: 21 minutes – air conditioned!)
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (ride time: 10 minutes)
Hall of Presidents (length: 22.5 minutes – air conditioned!)

Top of the “mountain” in the Canada pavilion (public but usually secluded)
Impressions de France theater show (length: 18 minutes – air conditioned!)
Ellen’s Energy Adventure (length: 45 minutes – air conditioned!)
Living with the Land (length: almost 14 minutes – air conditioned!)

Hollywood Studios:
One Man’s Dream (length: 25 minutes – air conditioned!)
Great Movie Ride (length: 18.5 minutes – can be loud)
Writer’s Stop (coffee shop; quiet with comfy chairs, air conditioned!)

Animal Kingdom:
Festival of the Lion King or Finding Nemo: The Musical (both 30 minute stage shows in the air conditioning)

Any of the locations above are excellent places to nurse on the fly! Taking a nursing baby to Disney World shouldn’t be something you fear…it is very easily doable!

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