Top 5: Best Disney Christmas Shows

I don’t know about your family, but we love Disney Christmas shows over here. We always look forward to a big bowl of popcorn and mugs of hot cocoa and sitting down to watch our favorite shows. Here’s our top 5!

300px-PrepAndLandingTitle 1. Prep & Landing.  My kids love this one.  It’s about Wayne, one of Santa’s elves.  He doesn’t get a promotion that he believes he deserves and loses his Christmas spirit.  Hilarity and commotion ensue.

300px-Title-mickeyxmas 2.  Mickey’s Christmas Carol.  The is the standard Christmas Carol story with Scrooge and Bob Cratchit, but with Mickey and the gang.  A definite classic.

300px-Title-mickeytwice 3.  Mickey’s Once/Twice Upon A Christmas.  I put these together since they’re basically the same idea.  Each one is a collection of shorts with Disney characters.  Each story is a little different but each is fun and funny and very much about the spirit of Christmas

300px-Title-muppetxmascarol 4.  The Muppet Christmas Carol.  Again, another take on the classic Christmas Carol story, but this time with Muppets!  Who doesn’t love Muppets?

ToyStoryTF 5. Toy Story That Time Forgot.  This a new installment from Pixar in the Toy Storyverse.  In this new world, Buzz, Woody and the gang deal with a new gang of toys, the aggressive Dinos.

Share your favorite Disney Christmas shows in the comments!

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