Pop Century Resort Review

I recently had the opportunity to stay at Disney’s Pop Century resort for a solo long weekend vacation.  I’ve never stayed at a Value resort besides Art of Animation (which I adore) but I have to say I was most pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Pop Century.

My room was 4138, a standard view room in the backside of the 60’s building.  I thought this was a fantastic location because I was close to the pool and the main building, but being on the backside I didn’t have the level of noise you get when you’re right next to the pool.  My view was actually very nice.  There was a nice landscaped area just outside my door with a lovely view of Hourglass Lake.

I was probably a 3 minute walk from the main building so that was very convenient for transportation and dining.  Since I was only there for a long weekend, I only had one meal from the food court, Everything Pop.  I had an Angus burger with fries.  It was fine. Pretty much the standard burger you find anywhere on Disney property.  Nothing to write home about but good enough.

While I didn’t make use of the pool, it did look very nice and well-maintained.  They had lots of activities out there for the kids.

I found the staff at this hotel very helpful and personable and Mousekeeping did a lovely job with my room for the two nights I was there.  I had plenty of towels and washcloths and everything seemed spic and span when I checked in.

It was relatively crowded during my stay but I didn’t find the hotel very noisy.  I was on the bottom floor and I did hear some of the walking around that my upstairs neighbors did, but it didn’t bother me.  I pretty much expect that when I stay in hotels so it wasn’t something I would complain about.

Again, because it was a crowded weekend, I did have an issue with one full Magic Kingdom bus, but it wasn’t a huge problem.  Another bus did come by within 15 minutes and I was able to board that one.  This was pretty much the only time I had to deal with a full bus the entire weekend.  I find that pretty great for a Value resort on a high crowd weekend.  I suspect I wouldn’t have had better luck had I been at an All Star resort where they share buses.

Overall, I was very well pleased with Pop Century and I would not hesitate to recommend it to friends and clients.  I would most definitely stay there again.

Please enjoy this completely amateur video I took of the room.

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