Seven Dwarfs Mine Train review

On our last trip, we were able to ride the as-of-then-unopened Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride during a “soft opening” day and it did NOT disappoint!  The line was crazy long and Fast Passes were not accepted, as it was not officially open yet.  We braved the line and the heat and were so, so glad we did!


The queue was wonderful all by itself, with lots of well-placed fans and plenty for little hands to do while they wait.  As we have all come to know and love, Disney gets the theming right every single time.  The attention to detail is outstanding here!



 Once you board the train, you’ll quickly realize this ride bears a striking resemblance to its much bumpier cousin, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  The ride here, however, is much smoother and it feels quite a bit zippier.  The height requirement for this ride is also lower than for Big Thunder — just 38″ to Big Thunder’s 40″.

Without giving too much away, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled and take in all of the scenery.  There are incredible views of the dwarfs hard at work in the mine and you might also get a glimpse of Snow White herself if you really look for her!  My family can’t wait to ride this one again on our next trip.  Be sure to FastPass this ride — wait times can get really long and FastPass distribution is often filled quickly!



Want to see a real-life video? Click HERE!

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