Top 5 Dishes I Want To Try At Epcot Food & Wine 2015

I’m headed to WDW this weekend and I’m planning on going to the Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival.  Here’s a list of all the things I want to try while I’m there.

5.  Apple Maple Spiced Latte, iced.  It’s going to be hot so iced coffee is the way to go.  Apple and maple are such a fantastic Fall combination so this sounds amazing to me.  You can even get it with a shot of Bailey’s if you’re so inclined.

4.   Belgian Waffle with berry compote and whipped cream.  Waffles, fruit, cream.  Need I say more?

3.  Cocadas.  This is a Brazilian coconut candy.  I am a coconut fiend so this definitely appeals to me.

2.  Kalua pork slider with sweet and sour Dole pineapple chutney and spicy mayonnaise.  I love pineapple and pork together.  Such a fantastic combination.

1.  Warm chocolate pudding with Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur Custard.  I’ve never had warm pudding or Irish Cream custard, but it sounds like a recipe for deliciousness to me!

Are you going to Food & Wine?  What sounds good to you?

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