Adults Only on Disney Cruise Line!


What? Disney without the kids…”Never” you say (don’t say that) but even if you HAVE to drag the little one’s along with you on a Disney Cruise well, then that is okay because Disney has taken care of you and set aside several excellent escapes where no one under 18 can find you!

Recently, I went on the 4 night Disney Dream, with a couple of adults and a couple of teenagers. I realized quickly that even though our group did not have any small loved ones running around, that many other groups did and sometimes you want Disney to take you away from all that right? So, first thing I did was research and map out a few escape options if needed. First, and probably the most important (to me) was the adults only swimming pool. Nestled away behind some covert dividers is a wonderful pool with lounge chairs and a bar with stools in the water! It is a  beautiful site but not as quiet as one may think! On the Dream it is right IMG_3633beside the entrance to the Cove Cafe, an internet and coffee bar (and adults only!). As I basked on the adults only deck right above the pool I was provided with multiple servers and cold towels…it was very relaxing and even though part of the adults only pool area a little quieter than right beside the pool.


Another great adults only escape is Senses Spa. Oh yes, please do not skip the spa on senseathis trip as you will regret it. Now, I know the prices can be daunting so a little tip is wait until you are on the cruise and book a spa special to save a few dollars. I did the “recovery package” for $99 and it was 60 minutes of a scalp massage, foot massage and hands massage. It was the best massage I have ever had (and believe you me –  I love my massages!) Plus having the use of the showers and all the high-end spa products at my disposal afterwards was a huge bonus to getting dressed for dinner (and in a spacious shower and not in the smaller one in the stateroom)! A hidden gem (or Mickey) I had not even planned on.

My last favorite adults only area was the Palo area (and Remy I am sure would fit as well but sadly, I did not get to partake on this trip at Remy’s but next time). If you read my Palo review, you will know I enjoyed the Palo brunch immensely. Outside Palo and Remy on the Dream is Meridian Bar. So, even if you are not able to partake in Palo or Remy or in addition to these meals come have a drink at Meridian Bar. It is an upscale, quieter bar with a great atmosphere and very comfortable chairs. Just in case you need reminding of how excellent Palo brunch is…check out this plate!IMG_3284

I know we all know about the District (and if you don’t then let us know because we can help book you a Disney Cruise so you can find out) and all the lounges and bars in the district as well, and yes on Disney cruises these are adults only (but my three favorite adults only spots are a little quieter, opened most of the time and give me a little extra escape!)

What have you found is a great escape on a Disney vacation or cruise?

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