Where is Mickey Mouse and What is Adventures By Disney?

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Photo courtesy of Adventures by Disney

So like all good Disneyphiles I have been sort of skirting the perimeter of Adventures by Disney. I have yet to find a Disney product that I do not love, but I am a savvy traveler and not easily taken for a scam (or I like to think so as I make my husband wear the fanny pack). So, while learning more about Disney via Disney’s College of Knowledge (yes that is right, folks, I am a graduate of Disney’s College of Knowledge (“CoK”) and it took me a lot less time than the four years my college degree at SMU took and it was all Disney – who could turn this down?) So, moving on as I was taking CoK classes one of the directions was Adventures  by Disney (“ABD”). I had heard about ABD but really knew nothing other than I had heard it was expensive (and it is, but not even close to what I thought it cost because it’s price includes EVERYTHING almost…more on that later) and I knew it took you on tours to some different destinations like Italy.

So, in my mind I am touring around my favorite country in all the world (other than my own) Italy and drinking wine and eating authentic margherita pizza with Mickey, Minnie and maybe a Princess or two. Though that could be fun for some with me I have two modes….Disney and everywhere else. When I am in Italy I want to go on my own, eat where the locals eat, shop where the locals shop, oh and sleep where the Americans sleep. I have self awareness…I want my own bathroom and lots of amenities…sorry.

So, I learned with CoK that ABD had 25 different itineraries (that is a lot of trips!) and they even had some specialty trips that were Adults Only….hmmm now that sounded right to me. But that was still about the extent of my knowledge…so not much clearly.

But, then I was invited to dinner and a presentation at Alba’s Restaurant in Port Chester, NY and the invite was from ABD. I could go, eat some yummy food and learn more about this Adults Only trip to Peru. So, what did I learn – yes there is that and SO MUCH MORE! Holy Schmoly how excited was I to learn about the 5 star treatment, and the tour group that let’s you be your own person (I may or may not like tours) and the 4 or 5 star beautiful hotels and amazing adventures (yes please to making pretzels in Germany!)

So, pricing and a good deal is important to most people. Everyone’s good deal though is different so let me tell you the Top 5 (for me) of what all is included in an Adventure by Disney trip:

1. About 80% of meals (huge perk, food is expensive, just ask my dad about my $13 glass of OJ in England when I was 10 years old that he STILL harasses me about)

2. Luxury accommodations – I could say 5 star but some of the private castles are not even available to anyone else besides you and your group.

3. Internal transportation – so any sort of transportation you need once you are there so trains, flights, bus, whatever…flights to and from are not included so that is a bummer, but okay already over that and moving on to one of the biggest for me:

4. Luggage service – what is that? So basically once you check your luggage at your local airport you NEVER carry it again. I am going to say that again…you NEVER carry your luggage again – umm on this trip, I mean you get when you go on your next trip that is not an Adventures by Disney trip that you have to carry your luggage? Right? Anyway, Disney services will get it at the airport on the other end, they will take it to your room, they will pick it up from your hotel room when you check out and as you change hotels. How great is that?

5. So, ever been to Disney World in June? Want to stand in line at Toy Story Mania for 83 hours? Well, the major must see attractions (think Eiffel Tower) is that line x 10. So, good news my Adventurers…Disney waits in line for no one….well actually you do wait a lot sometimes but not Adventures by Disney. On ABD trips you bypass the lines at popular museum and attractions. Waiting to get in to the Sistine Chapel in Rome is always a long day and even with ABD you have to push through the crowds to get to the front of the line. So, ABD came up with a better solution and you get to visit the Sistine Chapel at night, by yourself, when it is closed. How Disney is that???

Okay, so these are my Top 5 of what is included in the Adventures by Disney trip. From China to Peru and Vietnam to Italy can you think of a better way to spend some time with family and friends – just relaxing because someone else is doing the thinking for you.

So, if you want to join me on a trip to somewhere amazing or you want to go by yourself…either way you let me know and I can make magic happen.

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