A Palo Perfect Brunch…


To sum up in one word Palo’s brunch on the Disney Dream in one word I would have to choose…sublime. My group of 4 adults all tend to lean towards a bit on the picky eater side and so when I saw the option for brunch at Palo’s for only an additional $25 per person I jumped at it because honestly what is better than brunch? You get breakfast and lunch and everyone is happy! So, we booked for 11:30am on the day at sea. Interesting tip…check your time when you embark on the cruise and are given your invitation because somehow our reservation had been changed to noon. So, we promptly called and even though they were all booked for 11:30am (so that is weird) instead of fighting it we took a 10:30am time and this was the best option for us.

10561529_10152280051474423_1514241484162578883_nWe woke up that morning and made the right decision to eat nothing until we were at Palo’s. When we dressed to impress (there is a dress code so even though it is not that strict do check it out before you get on the ship to make sure you do not get disappointed and turned away). The dress code currently prohibits a few things including shorts for men or women or flip flops (online it lists a few more items but this contradicted a bit of what we saw and were told). When we asked the hostess about the specifics of the dress code she smiled and said truly women can get away with almost anything but men should wear long pants and a polo or something similar (at minimum).

10294256_10152280051374423_3023377469403533451_nOnce we were seated at a beautiful set table by the window we were introduced to our server, Bernie. Bernie was a beautiful and very fun lady from Australia who had married Vladimir (another server) and we got to hear all the good details of their elopement. So, first Bernie offered us complimentary Prosecco or Mimosa which we all quickly nodded our heads to one or the other. Once the complimentary drinks were served we then had a tour of all the food. Bernie showed us all the buffet type foods and then also went over the foods on the cart that you can order from the kitchen. Last, but not least we had a full run down of what amazing desserts we could try (and a reminder not to forget the tiny spoons for the dessert round!)


So, how was it? It was amazing. The shrimps were the biggest and most delicious shrimp ever, the cheeses were divine, the made to order Eggs Benedict was perfection and the grapes and gorgonzola cheese pizza just different enough to make it special without being too out there. These were my choices and I would do it all again! Other options included chicken parmesan on risotta, oysters, breads and pastries, several specialty pizzas, and about one hundred more items to choose.

Now let’s talk dessert because really – that is what I would do if I had to do it again, I would just eat dessert I think. They had about 15 different mini desserts from chocolate covered strawberries to mango passion cheesecake mousse. If you loved chocolate they had many options and if you do not love chocolate you are all set because the fruit tarts are the best ever!

So if you are cruising Disney I beg you to sign up for the Palo brunch…no one would ever regret this decision! Have you been and do you agree? Let us hear from you!

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