Disney Resort or Offsite

To stay at a Disney Resort or not? That is the question. There are plenty of arguments for each side and of course it is going to depend on personal preferences and what works best for you and your family.


Disney Resort pros:
• Disney Transportation, starting with Magical Express from the airport, busses, boats and monorails make it easy to get around.
• Extra Magic Hours, more time in the parks for resort guests only.
• Gorgeous, themed resorts, there are so many choices you can stay in a variety of price ranges and themes from Art of Animation to Polynesian to a Tree House Villa.
• Many room sizes, you can get a standard room, a one bedroom studio, a villa or family suite, there is something for every family size.
• “The Disney Bubble”, yes it is a real thing, it feels more magical when you never have to leave Disney.
Offsite resort/hotel pros:
• Price, depending on the hotel, in general the price will be less expensive than a Disney resort
• Space, if you are renting a vacation home or getting a suite you will probably have more space in your room, you may even have multiple bathrooms. Also if you are traveling with extended family you can stay together but have room to move around too.
• Visiting other places than Disney, yes they do exists and it might be easier if you are planning to visit Legoland, SeaWorld or Universal Studios.

I have done both I can say it is a bit more fun to stay at a Disney resort and enjoy not having to rent a car and find your way around, which can make it a bit more relaxing. I hope this can help you make a decision on which would be best for you.

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