Meeting Anna and Elsa at Fairytale Princess Hall

IMG_0718Everyone knows that the Frozen ladies are THE hot thing right now, and we were lucky enough to get to meet them on our recent trip.  The standby wait time when we arrived for our Fast Pass reservation was just over 3 hours.  THREE HOURS.  The line was chock full of little girls just itching to meet their favorite princess and queen and I was ever so thankful that I nabbed a Fast Pass for my little one!!!  We were in and out in less than 20 minutes, a good 5 of which was spent interacting with the Frozen girls and Aurora (the visiting princess with Anna & Elsa that day).  At press time, the ladies now have the arena to themselves and there is no longer a “visiting princess” featured with them.

The characters interacted beautifully with one another, and with my daughter.  She was full entranced by Elsa’s beautiful train and thoroughly enjoyed the fuss they made over her shirt.  Overall, this was definitely a highlight of our trip but I would certainly recommend a Fast Pass for this meet & greet.  You won’t find this die-hard Disney fan waiting in a 3 hour line for much of anything!

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