Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort Review

Last week, I went on vacation with my family to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  While we were visiting, I wanted to go and check out the Disney resort.  I like to find a way to incorporate Disney into all my vacations, no matter where I go.  You know how it is.

The resort is located in the Shelter Cove district of the island.  It’s a little harbor area that backs up to a marshland.  There a few shops and restaurants in the district along with the resort.  There was an indoor mall there, but that is currently being demolished and rebuilt into a kind of outdoor towne center shopping district.  That said, this resort is not beachfront and that plays into my feelings on the resort.  I’ll get to that later.

It’s not a huge resort but it is quite large compared other resorts on the island.  It has a cabin-y, Fort Wilderness-y feel, which I thought was quite nice, given the nature surroundings.  For the size of the resort, I thought the pool was pretty small.  That’d be a huge drawback for me, given that the resort is rather far from the beach.

Down by the pool is a quick service restaurant with a variety of sandwiches and snacks.  Located next to the restaurant is a very small Disney gift shop where you can purchase Mickey ice cream bars!  I thought that was a lovely touch.  You can also check out and borrow DVDs from the shop.  All Disney movies, of course!

There are some luxuries on site, like the chairs and hammocks in the shady spots.  There’s also a fire pit area and little stadium area where they do activities at night.  I believe they show movies and do s’mores around the fire pit, which I think would be fun to have right there at your resort.  There’s also a small playground which my kids enjoyed.

Back up in the lobby, there is free lemonade and cookies available all day, as well as a very comfy lounge where you can sit and watch some Disney channel or play a little pool.

While the resort is beautiful and the Disney touches and perks abound, I just can’t see myself paying nearly $400 per night for a studio villa located as far from the beach as this resort is.  The off-season is quite a bit cheaper so if the beach really isn’t your thing, that would definitely be an option.  There’s plenty to do on the island that isn’t beach related.  If I’m ever back on the island, I know where to get a Mickey bar!

You can view more photos of the resort on our Facebook page.  Click HERE.

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