What is Better than Disney and Diamonds? I am Thinking….Give me a Minute


This is a very special article about something we here at Dole Whipped are very proud to be a part of and that is Magical Moments Vacations, authorized Disney Vacation Planners. I promise this is not the article that is going to push our (free) travel agent services down your throat (did I mention they were free?) Anyway, that article is for later! I tease, I tease.

Diamond noteAnyway, this little blurb is about mixing Magical Moments Vacations, Disney and Diamonds and what do you get? A little piece of magic straight from the brand new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the New Fantasyland.

So, how does one agency go about getting their own diamond? Well, not exactly sure the parameters but basically the way I see it there are three steps. 1. Have an owner that works really hard to make sure her agents have an easy road. This is a huge one and we are so lucky to have that in Jen Kistler. She makes sure we have all the tools we need and before we even need them! 2. You must have agents that work really hard to make sure their clients have an even easier road. We love working and living the dream. What can we do help you have an amazing experience? Best payment ever (better than diamonds even….well maybe it is a tie) is getting that text or picture from a client during their trip and them telling you thank you. 3. Last and maybe the most important….everyone in the group needs to love Disney and have a bit of pixie dust to scatter here and there!

So, I wonder how many of the Seven Dwarfs it took to haul that big diamond up from the mine?

Jen et al

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