Character Spotlight: Pete’s Silly Side Show


Location: Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland’s Storybook Circus
Characters: Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, Donald
Photopass Photographers: Yes
Fastpass+: No

Nestled in the back corner of Storybook Circus is Pete’s Silly Side Show. This is a meet-and-greet attraction that incorporates this areas theme extremely well. When you walk in you have to chose between Minnie and Daisy or Donald and Goofy. If you want to see all four you will have to meet the first set, walk out the exit and then walk back into the building to see the other two characters.

Each character has their own themed area and has a circus name. Daisy is Madame Daisy Fortuna. She is dressed like a gypsy fortune teller in her area. 

Minnie is a French poodle trainer and her circus name is Minnie Magnifique. Minnie is pretty in pink and she had a blast with Anthony playing peek-a-boo!

Goofy is the daredevil, the Great Goofini, a daredevil stunt man. Goofy really loved Anthony’s Buzz Lightyear cape, he had to walk him over to Donald to show it to him!

Donald is The Astounding Donaldo, a snake charmer! His area in the tent is surrounded by snakes with twirling eyes.

We have visited Pete’s Silly Side Show several times and each time it’s not crowded and the characters spent a lot of time with Anthony. I don’t think this area gets much foot traffic because it’s tucked away towards the back of Storybook Circus, it really is a hidden gem. These characters have always been very engaged and really made our day!

One of the best parts of this meet-and-greet is that it is indoors and therefore is air conditioned! However, the lighting is dark so it’s good to utilize the Memory Maker and Photopass photographers to be sure your pictures come out nicely.

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