The Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Resort has 3 on-site hotels: the Grand Californian, Paradise Pier and the Disneyland Hotel. In 2011 the Disneyland Hotel went through a major renovation and I was so excited to stay here after hearing about all the updates.

The hotel has three towers: Fantasy, Adventure, Frontier. The theming in each tower matches the section of the park carrying the same name. In the Fantasy Tower there is the check-in area, the hotel’s main lobby, and the shops. My favorite element of this tower is the tea cup seats in front of the check-in area. You really cannot get more Disney than that.

The Adventure Tower houses the resort’s quick-service restaurant: Tangaroa Terrace and the extremely popular Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar. Both of these establishments carry an exotic theme and tie in that tower’s theme perfectly.

We stayed in the Frontier Tower, which is the furthest tower from the main building, but it really wasn’t that far and we could walk to the front of the resort in less than 5 minutes. Our lobby housed models of the Frontierland attractions like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Our Room

Part of the major refurbishment of the Disneyland Hotel was the rooms and boy were they done well. There were Disney touches all over the place. The headboard lit up with fireworks and played a song at the touch of a switch, there were old photos of Walt on the walls, and Mickeys everywhere you turn.  One of the pillows on the beds read, “A dream is a wish your heart makes…” and the other one said, “when you’re fast asleep.”

The bathroom also had lots of fun touches like the lamps, and lots of Mickeys all over even in the tiles in the shower! One thing to note: these are small bathrooms with only one sink and vanity but the water pressure was great, there was a make up mirror and good hair dryer.

Another thing to note about most of the rooms at the Disneyland Hotel is that there are not many rooms with balconies. You do have floor-to-ceiling windows which offer spectacular views.

The biggest reason I wanted to stay at the Disneyland Hotel was because of their newly imagined pool area, in particular the monorail slides! This structure is great for kids of every height! There is a little slide for toddlers and longer and bigger slides for the taller kids. In addition to this children’s area there is also the E-Ticket Pool which is tiled with old-time tickets to attractions at Disenyland.

We visited both pools and I would say our toddler enjoyed the slides the most. While I found the e-tickets in the tiles around the pool completely intriguing.

The Disneyland Hotel is about 10-15 minute walk to the Esplanade through Downtown Disney. It’s a nice walk but it isn’t as close as it appears on a map. The hotel is also very close to the Downtown Disney monorail station. At Disneyland the monorail drops off and picks up guests from Tomorrowland and Downtown Disney. Park admission is required to ride. One tip: these monorails are set up differently than the ones in Florida and you have to fold up all strollers prior to boarding. We would take it sometimes on our way out of the park.


Without any hesitation, I would stay here again. The Disney theming just can’t be beat and the pools are incredible if you have some water babies in your family like I do.

Photo Tour
For a complete photo tour, please visit our Facebook page to check out my album: Disneyland Hotel Photo Album.

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