Customized Walt Disney World Maps

Before we took our vacation I wanted to be able to have my family take a look at the park layouts.  Some of the parks are very large and set up in interesting ways.  For instance the Magic Kingdom is like a wheel with spokes and a hub, Epcot is similar but has a circular World Showcase.  Then Hollywood Studios is just plain confusing.  A way to help combat the overwhelming feeling of going into the parks without an idea is to order park maps!  The maps are totally free and Disney will delivery them pretty quickly.

You can check the attractions that are favorites, or ones you really want to try out.  We had a lot of fun using the extra stickers to mark attractions that we wanted to do.  It also really helped give me a general idea of where things were located.  I highly recommend you place an order after you book your trip but before you are going to arrive.

MapOf course you can get park maps at the parks, they are smaller, thinner, and tri-fold.  It is always a great idea to pick up a map and times guide as soon as you enter the parks.  This will help you plan out your day and they fit easily in your pocket or bag.

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