My Top 5 Items for my Disney Bucket List

For the past few years so many people have been talking about their own bucket lists and thanks to Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman this trend has become a great motivator and goal list for everyone. For me, I have a Disney specific bucket list and I think every Disney lover should think about making this same type of list. I have included 5 of my top points for my Disney bucket list below and explained where I am with each.

When I decided to make my list I decided to do it from the perspective of things I could accomplish and things I might not be able to no matter how hard I try!

Some of my ideas are just for fun and to see if I can do them and some are more like dreams! I am pretty sure you can tell which one’s are which:

1. Visit Disney World and Disneyland all in the same day  – I am not sure why this is something I want to do. My best guess is because I have been lucky enough to travel a lot for work and for life and that sometimes Frequent Fliers get weird goals about crossing time zones (though some may think that is an unlucky trip and too tiring!) Once I do it I will let you know!

2. Stay at every Walt Disney World Resort – This has been a goal of mine for quite awhile. I am well on my way to completing this as I have stayed at all but Yacht Club, Fort Wilderness Cabins (though I have stayed at Wilderness Lodge), Caribbean Beach Resort and all three of the All Stars. But considering all the others I HAVE stayed at then I would say this one is on it’s way to be complete!


3.  Spend the night in Cinderella’s Castle – Am I setting myself up for failure with this one? Most likely yes! But maybe if I put it out there then it will come back to me.

4. Visit all Disney Parks – I am including the overseas parks here as well. So, I have been to Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Paris, so I am planning Disney Tokyo, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disney, and Shanghai Disney (which is scheduled to open in 2015).

5. Sail on all 4 Disney Ships – I have a ways to go on this one! I have my first Disney cruise scheduled on the Dream in July. I am hoping I love it so much I can check all of them off in a few short years!


I wanted to share with you parts of my “Disney Bucket List” and see what one’s I have missed or points that we share? Let me know what you think?

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Items for my Disney Bucket List

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