Disney’s Treehouse Villas: A Photo Tour

860342_10151324963629423_1461618132_o In October 2012 I was lucky enough to snag a stay at Disney’s Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs resort! With 9 traveling guests we needed a place with lots of space to spread out, and the Treehouse Villas seemed like the perfect spot. Here’s a little more about these unique rooms at Walt Disney World! Each of Disney’s Treehouse Villas has a private driveway (I’ll get to that) and a nice big deck with table and chairs. This villa has a great view of the river, we loved waving to the ferry boats headed to Downtown Disney! Kitchen: The kitchen in the Treehouse Villas comes fully stocked with all the utensils and necessities you could need to make a full meal. There is even a dishwasher! 861009_10151324964189423_1932411092_o 857857_10151324964094423_1217272970_o 856714_10151324964239423_1619287104_o 856512_10151324963614423_480182081_o Bedrooms: When you open the front door of the villa and go down the hallway, to the right, there are 2 bedrooms.861244_10151324963899423_427858847_o The first bedroom has twin bunk beds and plenty of storage space:856348_10151324963904423_529635750_o The next bedroom has a queen sized bed and still more storage space! 860572_10151324963779423_1274090778_o Then there is the master bedroom with its own bathroom: 858737_10151324964449423_493170897_o 856456_10151324964349423_1415293515_o And finally another bathroom: 857647_10151324964059423_1954900909_o 858449_10151324963999423_1858192907_o There is also a pullout couch (that slept three 3 year olds comfortably!) in the living room for added sleeping space. Overall, I was really impressed with the amount of space and storage in the Treehouse Villas. There were 9 people for my visit, and I think we could have added a few more, without feeling like we were on top of one another. We loved having the full kitchen for some meals “at home”, and the deck was a great place to kick back and relax after a full park day. The biggest con at the villas for me was not having a car. After having stayed at Fort Wilderness and being told I “had” to have a car (yet surviving just fine without one!) I dismissed this advice for the Treehouse Villas. This was a mistake! While I loved the setting of the Treehouse Villas, I will not stay there again without a car. The buses there are e just not regular enough to rely on for busy park days. In addition, you have to take two buses (one from Treehouse Villas to a Saratoga Springs bus stop, then from Saratoga Springs to my destination) and then in reverse to get back at the end of a very long day, and this was unpleasant. If you’re going to stay at the Treehouse Villas I strongly recommend you make use of that private driveway, whether you bring your own car or rent one! Have you stayed at the Treehouse Villas? What did you think?

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