10 Things to Pack for Disney

There are plenty of things you’ve probably thought to pack, clothes, toiletries, shoes and sunscreen but what about some other things.

1. Autograph books, whether they are store made or homemade you are going to want to get those signature. Character autographs make a fun, free souvenir and it was so neat to see how the characters sign their name. They are also great conversation starter for interacting with the characters.

2. Glow sticks, you can find these at Target or Dollar Tree for very cheap. You can get the typical bracelets/necklaces but you can also find wands, glasses, and swords. These can help kids when going through dark rides or to have during evening parades and fireworks in the parks. It is also fun to hand them out to other children nearby (with parent permission of course).

3. Ziplock baggies, these are very helpful little items. If you are going on a water ride and need to protect your camera, phone or wallet then just put the item in the baggie and then you can carry it inside your bag and it is protected from the water. Also if someone doesn’t finish their meal and wants to take those apples, grapes, carrots and desert with them just throw it in a baggie. Or if you have to purchase that toy for your kid that has tiny pieces this will work perfectly.

4. Hand wipes, you can find the small travel sized so that it doesn’t take a lot of room in your bag. These are helpful to keep kids hands clean and also they can feel refreshing for yourself in hot weather.

5. Play Packs, these are great not only for traveling to and from Disney but also to have while in the parks. It is nice to be able to hand the small coloring book and crayons to a kid while they are waiting for food or a parade to begin. Bonus, it is kind of fun for parents too when the kids are bored with it.


6. Snacks, you can get snacks in the park of course but what about those times when your kid or you are not interesting in waiting for said food. You can use those baggies (see above) and take a few fruit snacks, crackers or trail mix and toss them in your bag. And chances are if you have a kid you will need a bag or large purse.

7. Sponges with soap, say what?! Ok bear with me, if you have a kid who needs a sippy cup in your resort room or if you happen to get one of those handy refillable mugs at your resort you will want this. Get a sponge, put some soap on it then cut it into quarters. Put a sponge or two in a baggie (again, I know) and then you can clean your cups in your room and feel like they actually got clean. This could also work for utensils or baby bottles if you are taking a little one.

8. Ponchos, sure you can buy them in the parks but taking them with you is cheaper. You can easily pick up ponchos at a dollar store or Target. Also having them in your bag will save you from scrambling to find a store that carries the ponchos when it starts to downpour. Then you can use them to go on rides like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids and stay dry, if you are into that kind of thing.

9. Moleskin, you may have never heard of this before, I certainly hadn’t but I am glad I did. Moleskin is a type of bandage for your feet if you get blisters. Before leaving home, cut the sheets into various sizes and then make sure to take them in your purse, wallet or park bag. This is a major life saver for feet that hurt with each step. Moleskin works better than band-aids because they will stick all day.


10. Quarters and pennies, Walt Disney World has a lot of pressed penny machines. The machines take two quarters and one penny per press. Try to find the shiniest pennies and then store them in a mento’s or Mini M&M’s container stacked for easy removal. Also you can find a full listing of all the machines in all of Walt Disney World at Presscoins.com


What else would you take to Disney that isn’t on a regular packing list?

4 thoughts on “10 Things to Pack for Disney

  1. Fat sharpies for the characters with gloves! They have a hard time with regular pens. Also, for when you’re having breakfast with the princesses, put dresses on over regular t-shirts and shorts. That way you can simply pull the dress off and shove it in your pack, so your little one doesn’t have to be uncomfortable all day. 🙂 I’d also highly recommend stick sunblock. Something small that can be easily reapplied throughout the day. And BandAid makes a stick skin protector cream that can help prevent blisters from forming. We were in line at Akershus one day and a little girl in front of us was complaining about her new shoes hurting. I pulled my BandAid stick out of my bag and handed it to her mom. She was very grateful. And I was happy to share!


  2. That is a great list Renee! I love the clickable sharpies for just that. I am going to be looking for the stick sunblock and add it to my bag next time. Thanks for the tip!


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