Why Should I Plan a Resort Day?

“Why should I plan a resort day?” This is a question I hear a lot and with confusion in their voice from my Disney travel clients whenever I suggest a break in the middle of their trip. Especially for my newbies to Disney (or newbie as an adult – lots of people have not been since they themselves were kids!). There are several great reasons to plan a resort day but for me there are two BIG ones. The first is because everyone needs a break  (and I mean everyone!). Second, is because there is so much to do at the resorts if you do not have a resort day then you may just miss out on some extra Disney magic!


So let’s talk about needing a break. So, you have planned and replanned (a few times for some of you…yes I am looking at you) all your days according to the crowd calendars and your dining and fast pass+ plans. You have tried to schedule a break every afternoon for a nap and some pool time but even the best intentions sometimes get skewed. But if you take a whole day in the middle of the trip to sleep in just a little and take advantage of some of the magic the resorts offer you may just find your trip that much better! What kid or adult would not appreciate a lazy morning and a soak in the pool?


Depending on where you are staying you can hop on the monorail, bus or boat and go over to a neighboring resort to check out their activities as well or just stick around your home resort and check out the activities there. I promise no matter where you are staying you will find something fun to do! Though I am going to share a few of my favorite resort day activities and see if it entices you to take a break on your next Disney trip.

One must do is make your way over to Animal Kingdom Lodge and head straight to the back of the Lodge and animal watch over the Savannah. If you time it right you might get to roast marshmallows and sit around the campfire listening to some lively storytelling! Another great resort to visit, especially in the evenings is the Boardwalk. At night, Crescent Lake is lit up and full of fun. There are surrey bikes to be rented and carnival acts to watch. Or grab a cupcake from the Boardwalk Bakery and sit out by the lake watching the people go by. There are so many more activities at all of the resorts to be had…but that is a different post – this one is WHY?!

Hopefully some of these ideas incorporated with knowing everyone needs a break might help make your week at Disney even more magical. So, you may not get to ride It’s a Small World 5 times on your trip but you will have a day with time to laugh and relax that will be appreciated by all!

Do you already plan a resort day? If you do, what are your favorite things to do? Drop me a line letting me know!

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