Understanding your Disney Cruise Line Key to the World Card



While a Key to the World card may be a thing of the past at Disney World, they’re still alive and kicking on the Disney Cruise Line! Here’s a quick guide to understanding the numbers on your card.

1. The dates of your cruise.

2. “A” is for adults, if this card belonged to a child it would read “M” for minor!

3. This one is really cool! First is your dining rotation time, when you’re supposed to go to the restaurant for dinner. Second is your actual dining rotation. This card says RAE, each of those letters corresponding to a restaurant on the ship and the order denoting which night of the cruise to go there. If you got this specific card, you’d dine the first night at Royal Palace, second night at Animator’s Palate and the third night, Enchanted Garden.

4. The number corresponds to which check in counter you used at your arrival port.

5. This letter tells you your muster drill station. Everyone on the ship must attend the muster drill on sail away day. Each station will be clearly marked with a letter, just find the letter that corresponds with the one on your card and you’ll be in the right place! Of note: On Disney Cruise line you don’t need to wear your life jacket to this drill, so leave it in your stateroom. But do make sure you know where it is… just in case!

6. Not all cards will have this number, but for those that do it’s the Castaway Club membership number. If you are Silver, Gold, or Platinum level Castaway Club members that will also appear on your card.

7. This one’s easy… it’ll be your name! I’m sure you’ll recognize it when you see it 😉


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